Is Avene Cruelty-free and Vegan in 2022?

Skincare is an important part of anyone’s self-care routine. From those with dry skin to those with oily skin and across every shade and body type, we all want healthy, soft skin.

There are so many options for skincare products available it can be difficult to decide on one; here we are focusing on Avene Skincare products.

About Avene Skincare

Founded well over one hundred years ago in a small town in France, Avene Skincare is now a worldwide company.

They are known for their wide range of skincare products and their reputation for natural ingredients that are best for those with sensitive skin. That combined with the reasonable prices makes Avene a viable option for their skincare routine.

Here is some additional information you may want to consider before purchasing Avene products.

Is Avene Cruelty-Free?

Overall, Avene as a company creates a cruelty-free environment, manufacturing, and selling experience.

For instance, they themselves do not engage in animal testing and use plant-based or synthetic ingredients where possible.

However, they do sell their products in China which compromises that integrity due to China’s import regulations that require animal testing on certain products.

Is Avene Vegan?

Though Avene strives to make its products with plant-based or synthetic ingredients, there are a few instances where those substitutes are unavailable.

Any vegans interested in using Avene should contact the manufacturers to verify which of their products are vegan and which are still being made with animal products or animal derivatives.

As more synthetic and plant-based ingredients become available, Avene is progressing to having more vegan products available.

Does Avene Test on Animals?

Avene doesn’t test any of its products on animals. Rather, they test their ingredients and finished products on skin cell growths in the laboratory or on willing participants in research studies.

Does Avene Sell Its Products in China?

Avene does sell its products in China. China does still require animal testing for all imports intended for human use.


Avene is a worldwide skin care company with a legacy of creating effective, gentle skincare products that address a wide variety of skin types and conditions.

However, if you’re wondering if Avene is cruelty-free; the answer is not quite.

They do strive to avoid cruelty in their production but do condone it by selling their product in China. If you’re looking for a completely cruelty-free company, this isn’t one for you.

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